Thursday, 4 Jun 2020

15 Days Challenge: Tron Goes Live On Uphold With 24 Hours Zero-Exchange Fee on TRX

15 Days Challenge: Tron Goes Live On Uphold With 24 Hours Zero-Exchange Fee on TRX


The team behind Tron blockchain technology and its supporters

have just made the crypto ecosystem perceive their commitment towards the growth of the cryptographic project and its token TRX. Tron (TRX) has just gained attendance on a renounced crypto trading platform which has presence in over 184 countries of the world, Uphold. The development was announced by Uphold with respect to a 15 days challenge between cryptographic projects.

The declaration affirmed that Tron is the first coin to emerge from the latest challenge. Furthermore, the trading platform averred that it would celebrate the achievement alongside Tron and its community by initiating 24-hours of ZERO exchange fees for buys on TRX.Uphold, after the announcement, praised Tron (TRX) blockchain technology for its scalability and speed, describing it as a necessity in the entertainment industry.Founder Justin Sun also acknowledgment the news by declaring his excitement for the realized success. While the challenge continues, 14 other coins are expected to land on the platform.

Tron Surpasses $80 Million Transaction

According to Tronscan, the total number of transactions performed on Tron blockchain network has surpassed $80 Million after reaching 80,086,992. Increased transaction volume and user-base have been a major focus of the team behind the blockchain network. However, Tron continues to make huge stride in the Dapp industry as the blockchain network incessantly features on headlines. The latest report from the industry reveals that the volume of transactions performed on Tron in the last 7 days doubled that of EOS and Ethereum.

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